The Costa Moda label started in a tiny store in Hastings street, Noosa in 1984. The owner Pam McCarthy moved to the Sunshine Coast from Melbourne, looking to start a fashion empire. In the 80's, Noosa was a sleepy coastal town, which was not the tourist mecca it is today. Pam originally bought swim suit pieces and accessories from suppliers, but quickly realized she did not like having no control over the fashion she was getting.

She decided then that she would make the garments herself, which is a fundamental principle of Costa Moda today. The idea of resort wear interested Pam and after buying a factory in Tewantin, she went about designing the range you know as Costa Moda today. 

Pam quickly realized she had an amazing talent for designing lines of clothing, even though she had grown up in the gym industry. The ability to make locally, allowed Pam to keep quality as a premium and also constantly have new designs coming in store. She could also extend makes on styles that were selling well and cut back on products that were slow. Costa Moda started as an Australian Made product and is still made within Australia today.

Pam quickly developed a following in Noosa and a large customer base, who loved her style and designs. The success of her label, gave Pam the confidence to look to expand and she set up a store in Marina Mirage, which is still there today. The McCarthy family eventually moved to the Gold Coast and many more stores followed, but that little shop in Hastings Street is still there today.

The Costa Moda label has grown and adapted to fashion trends for the last 35 years, and remains today as one of the few Australian made retail labels left, which is very exciting and loyal. This year marks the 35th anniversary of our noosa store.

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