Designing for customers. not runway shows

Designing for Customers, not a runway show 

The world of fashion can sometimes be a confusing place. The top end designers plan their ranges around shock appeal, rather than tailoring their brand to what their customers really want. It may be a ghastly plunging neckline, or massive feathers, or strange stitching around the hip region, which makes their buttocks look bigger. Models, who are near perfect genetic specimens wear these monstrosities on the runway and even they look odd and uncomfortable. These designers pander to the elitists, who prefer works of art, instead of neat fitting designs which complement the female form. Most normal citizens, who visit these shows would prefer to see styles for the modern day person. Some nice fitting garments designed to disguise problem areas and enhance your sets.

 When did fashion become about shocking the masses, titillating fashion editors, instead of serving customer needs?

Shouldn't fashion be centered around making customers feel confident and comfortable in clothing?

This new craze has hit the market running. Celebrities like Lady Gaga and Nicki Minaj fight for recognition, often wearing bizarre outfits, inspired by whoever looks weirder. Does Lady Gaga win, with her meat suit or entrance to the Grammys in an egg, or is Nicki Minaj more transparent in her purple wigs and boob busting corsets? Even your more refined celebrities, like Charlize Theron wear revealing dresses and plunging necklines, which look fantastic on her, but I can't see a modern day lady rocking that outfit at a local event or cocktail party.

The world of Fashion has moved away from servicing its clients. The ones with the money and a burning desire to look fantastic and feel fantastic. We are not all stick thin models. We live busy lives. We cannot go to the gym six hours a day, or eat perfect diets designed by chefs, like most celebrities. Our bodies are not solid rock, with four percent body fat. We have our lumps, bumps and insecurities, so why don't designers focus on outfits to make the normal person look fantastic. Is it an ego thing? Or do they just not care?

Costa Moda has never been one to follow this trend. Our garments are designed to be a comfortable fit and skim over those areas we would prefer to disguise. They make women look fantastic, but also confident and assured. They provide a platform to coordinate an inspiring collection that works well for you as an individual. Our garments even take our ladies from morning to night. You could feel comfortable going to lunch, but also wearing the same outfit to a fine dining dinner. We believe that shopping can be an uplifting experience for our customers. Our stylists aim to find a style that best fits out customer's personality, so they are left feeling confident and self assured. You can create your own look by mixing and matching our garments, even mismatching. There is no need to stick with fashion trends if they don't suit your needs or wants. Fashion should be aimed directly at the client, not a Vogue editor and Costa Moda's philosophy is based on that fact. We believe every day is worth dressing up for.

Would you prefer to go to a Fashion show to view strange artworks or clothes that you yourself can wear? It might look great on Jennifer Hawkins, but will it look great on me. I know I will spend my time, seeking out companies who listen to their clients and design their ranges around their wants and needs. It might not get you in the Vogue fashion pages, but it will get you a large, satisfied clientele base.

That is the problem with the fashion world. So many designers want to make a name for themselves through shock and awe, but they don't really want to make money. Their goal is superstardom, over sustainability. Their customers, if they have any take a backseat to their egotistical search for stardom. The In-Crowd line up to see these shows, to get on the VIP list and sit in the front row. It’s like days back at school, where the cool kids get all the perks. The Average Joes who buys the clothes miss out. It’s all about being photographed at the event, getting A-Listers to sit in the front row and be wowed by the spectacle of see through tops, large aerials sticking out from a hat or high heels the size of a one story building. These celebs risk their own lives, albeit their sanity, as they sit only metres from protruding spikes, surfacing from some ill fitted satin garment.

These fashion shows would be more suited to children, with wild imaginations, who want to see strange discs on heads, Saturn rings around the waist and holes and rips in fabric. It’s a strange world, where ripped jeans cost $1000, just because their stylish, when most people would throw them out, cause they were no longer structurally sound. These designers might as well, just make a sample for the runway, because no intelligent person would buy their bizarre range, so it seems ridiculous that they mass produce it, only for it to be left taking up space in their overseas factories. The abstract masterpieces should be left for parks or buildings, designed by artists to compliment an environment, made from steel and large in stature. The art world is the real place where these designs should flourish. They have no place in the fashion world, unless some astronauts are going on a mission to the moon and need an outfit to scare the aliens.

 The companies who design for their clients are the real winners. They do not seek out fame or pages in a ritzy magazine, they work hard like Costa Moda to service their clients. They remain in the shadows, constantly striving to be better and innovative. There is no better feeling than seeing a lady in our clothes, with a smile on her face, looking a million dollars. The outfit not only enhances her appearance, but lifts her mood and self belief. That is the real winner here.

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