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The retail sector is becoming harder and harder. If you do not adapt to merging trends, then you fall behind, only to drift away, while your competitors forge forward. Areas like social media, internet presence and brand recognition are so important nowadays. Not only must a company seek to find better ways to get their products out there, they must also tweak their own style and adapt trends to make sure they stay fresh and inviting.  If a brand sticks to their old ways, never moving or changing, they are bound for failure.

A lot of companies even shift their focus, adding new product lines to their brand. Product-line expansion can take a number of forms, including new versions of an existing product, upgrades to existing products or completely new products. The best way to explain this is use Apple as a case study, as they do all three. They add a new version to an existing product every year, when they bring out a new update, whether it be a new iphone or ipad.  These new products are upgrades on the old product, offering more features and usually a higher grade of technology. The company also continually launches new products, like when they ventured from computers to phones and finally to tablets. They are always looking at ways to stand out in an already convoluted market.

Costa Moda is another who has expanded their product range. They now offer up-market home wares, through their parent company Succoure in their stores, which is a large shift away from just providing clothing and accessories. A range of cushions have been released, all tailored in amazing fabrics and featuring glitzy, sparkly insignias.  They will be followed by pattern artwork and custom place settings, adding another string to the Costa Moda bow. These products serve as additions, albeit trimmings to our already fabulous range. It services another need for our customers and also increases the power of the Costa Moda brand.

The cushions are high end, laced with elements of couture fashion. Some are made from black leather, others are trimmed in black and white stripes, with spots on the opposing side. There are rich colours; blues, oranges and greens, emblazoned with a crystal logo and a range of coloured fabrics, decorated with circles, lines and spots. They all combine together to create an amazing collection, which would look fantastic in any house or mix in well with any interior design theme. 

The artwork is pure abstract brilliance. The clever use of amazing fabrics, combined with crystals, jewelry pieces, buttons, emblems, brooches, trinkets, charms and gems create a work of art, which will look amazing on any wall, or above a signature couch or antique bench. The artwork is unique and layered with elements of couture fashion and artistic temperament. They will be available in-store soon.

It is amazing, you can now look fabulous with Costa Moda on outside the house, but also have elements of the brand furnishing your home environment too.  This is even proven, with our home wares fitting in perfectly, with the merchandising of our clothes in-store. The succoure range ties in nicely with the Costa Moda label, expressing sophistication and variety. Go check out our stores. I think you will find gems for yourself for both inside and outside your homes.

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