The poem that inspired it all
This is the poem that inspired Pam McCarthy to start Costa Moda.
A poem for women
When you look in the mirror who do you see
Someone your parents wanted you to be
Someone your husband wants you to be
Have you ever really looked and seen the person you wanted to be
Mirror mirror on my wall, what's the meaning of it all
Is there something more to life than to be a loving wife
Yes I love my children dearly but they'll grow up and come by yearly
Dare I yearn for something more than to cook and wax the floor
What about the needs i feel, are my dreams considered real
What about an education, a voice to shape the nation
I'm not angry or rebelling, there's something strong compelling
Is my destined heritage a colour page of a playboy mag or sexy pin-up queen
I've got a body and a soul, I've got a mind, I've got a goal
I want to learn, I want to teach, maybe earn, always reach.
I'd like to fly from my cocoon and put my footsteps on the moon.
I don't want to be a man, I love the woman that I am.
The world can be a better place with my special female grace.
Mirror mirror on the wall, help me, help me, hear my call.
All I've ever hoped to be is free, to be that person- Me.

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